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ID Component Crash function State External bugs Probably fixed Count
7898 evolution-data-server, srain, xfce4-screensaver, gnome-connections, setroubleshoot, geary, Thunar, xfwm4, pcmanfm, network-manager-applet, pnmixer, epiphany, gnome-games, krb5-auth-dialog, ibus, remmina, ristretto, xapps, notification-daemon, evolution, grisbi, pasystray, xfce4-panel, volumeicon, mate-power-manager, xfce4-clipman-plugin, mate-calc, florence, libreport, synapse, nautilus, clipit, connections, uget, xreader, mate-screensaver, gnome-terminal, mate-settings-daemon, cinnamon-settings-daemon, transmission-remote-gtk, xfce4-terminal, xpad, mate-media, gnome-control-center, caja, gnome-font-viewer, evince, marco, gnome-calculator, osmo, quitcount