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ID Component Crash function State External bugs Probably fixed Count
616149 gnome-shell, maliit-keyboard, mesa-demos, xonotic, mpv, gnome-text-editor, gnome-calculator, kaffeine, rstudio, gnome-console, sddm, totem, gnome-control-center, cinnamon, glmark2, bottles, plasma-systemmonitor, budgie-desktop, gnome-software, corectrl, retroarch, xfwm4, gnome-system-monitor, sway, baobab, xorg-x11-server-Xwayland, gjs, plasma-drkonqi, gnome-network-displays, loupe, nautilus, easyeffects, xwaylandvideobridge, kwin, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, plasma-systemsettings, obs-studio, rust-alacritty, 0ad, plasma-workspace, spectacle, vlc, glava, kitty, virt-manager, blender, gnome-calendar, webkitgtk, supertuxkart
NEW 38
643303 mesa-demos
NEW 12
548481 nautilus, mesa-demos, gnome-text-editor, gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center, gjs, firefox
289827 mesa-demos