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ID Component Crash function State External bugs Probably fixed Count
535333 python-qtconsole, pylint, legendary, qutebrowser, conda, diceware, mopidy, python-yapf, pybind11, python-uvicorn, gitlint, fedora-third-party, beets, python-speedtest-cli, pipenv, bumpversion, python-virtualenv, python-alembic, xonsh, spyder, autokey, protontricks, bash-completion, python-vcstool, gns3-gui, speedtest-cli, python3-mypy, python-pwntools, youtube-dl, beaker, python-invoke, ipython, python-flask, mod_wsgi, protonvpn-cli, python-scrapy, podman-compose, docker-compose
NEW 197
525149 protonvpn-cli, python-xword-dl, python-twine, libreport, torbrowser-launcher, legendary, mercurial, komikku, httpie, linkchecker, minigalaxy