Automatic Bug Reporting Tool

ABRT is a set of tools for detecting and reporting application crashes.
Crashes are automatically detected and processed for later reporting and analysis.
The reporting can be both automated and user-assisted, with users providing additional information and reporting it using our tools. Reports are collected, analyzed and aggregated, providing valuable information for developers.

Remote services

ABRT Analytics

A framework for aggregating and analyzing reports of crashes.
Web pages are available to users, containing reports, problems and statistics associated with crashes, such as time, manner and owner. Learn more...

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Retrace Server

Users sending reports can also send coredump for remote analysis and receive backtrace without the need to install debuginfo packages locally. This process is also integrated into automated reporting. Learn more...

This feature is not accessible through web UI.
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Keeping your data

Your coredump is only kept on the server while the retrace job is running. Once the job is finished, the server keeps retrace log and backtrace. All the other data (including coredump) are deleted. The retrace log and backtrace are only accessible via unique task ID and password, thus no one (except the author) is allowed to view it. All the crash information (including backtrace) is deleted after 24 hours of inactivity. No potentially private data are kept on the server beyond that point.

Communicating with server

Your coredump is only used for retrace purposes. Server administrators are not trying to get your private data from coredumps or backtraces. Using a secure communication channel (HTTPS) is strictly recommended. Server administrators accept no responsibility for problems arising from the use of an insecure channel (such as HTTP).

End-user application

Automatic Bug Reporting Tool

A tool for detection of defects in applications. The detection is automatic and a report is presented to the user. This report can be sent to the developers to help them fix the problem. Learn more...


A graphical application for browsing detected problems. Each problem is presented as a full report for better understanding of the given crash. Bugs can also be reported using this app. Learn more...



A library for reporting various problems to destinations like mailing lists, regular files, remote servers and bug tracking tools. Other destinations and tools can be easily added by writing their own plugins. Learn more...


Satyr is a collection of low-level algorithms for program failure processing, analysis and reporting, supporting kernel space, user space, Python, and Java programs. Learn more...