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Version range

ID Component Crash function State External bugs Probably fixed Count
20520 gvfs, atril, wireplumber, gnome-settings-daemon
NEW 30,061
497633 tracker, wmctrl, bash, firefox, moby-engine, doxygen, PackageKit, plasma-browser-integration, ibus, gnome-clocks, ethtool, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-remote-desktop, kmod, tilix, konsole, gdk-pixbuf2, bijiben, kde-runtime, texmaker, nautilus, pipewire, dhcp, kde-baseapps, kde-workspace, gawk, lvm2, tigervnc, findutils, nfs-utils, devhelp, xdg-desktop-portal, systemd, xdg-desktop-portal-kde, xorg-x11-server-Xwayland, gjs, xdg-user-dirs-gtk, upower, initscripts, gnome-calculator, evolution, which, kf5-akonadi-search, postfix, qt5-qtwebengine, wireshark, qgis, gnupg2, pulseaudio, kf5-akonadi-calendar, xkbcomp, filesystem, vinagre, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, grep, qemu, reaver, gedit, xorg-x11-server, tracker-miners, ModemManager, yakuake, python3.10, gnome-games, polkit-pkla-compat, NetworkManager, snapd, gnome-photos, openssh, iptables, siril, iscsi-initiator-utils, xscreensaver, gnome-terminal, gnome-software, syncthing, pam, openvswitch, gdm, chromium, network-manager-applet, git, unzip, spice-vdagent, gnome-shell, gnome-session, webkit2gtk3, nemo, gnome-online-miners, pcp, webkitgtk4, epiphany, plasma-workspace, gnome-initial-setup, colord, kf5-baloo, imsettings, rpm, control-center, gnome-system-monitor, smartmontools, wget, udisks2, alsa-utils, coreutils, sed, gvfs, cinnamon-settings-daemon, php, qemu-kvm, flatpak, nodejs, plank, freecad, gnome-boxes, gnome-contacts, xfsprogs, prusa-slicer, gnome-control-center, fprintd, blender, emacs, baobab, totem, gnome-online-accounts, gdb, mariadb, xfce4-terminal, falkon, libvirt, accountsservice, ktorrent, evolution-data-server, gcc, texstudio, glibc, cinnamon, clang, setroubleshoot, sshpass, gnome-keyring, samba, pipewire-media-session, eog, nextcloud-client, polkit, libreoffice, korganizer, geoclue2, python-argcomplete, vte291, gnome-calendar, man-db, libreport, perl-Pod-Perldoc, yelp, speech-dispatcher, curl, gnome-disk-utility, kate, dleyna-renderer, xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, gnome-builder, tracker3-miners, util-linux, kde-connect, make, xreader, bind, kf5-kinit, ksysguard, procps-ng, binutils, ibus-libpinyin
NEW 3,454
36168 tracker, wmctrl, bash, firefox, moby-engine, PackageKit, ibus, ethtool, gnome-clocks, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-remote-desktop, kmod, bijiben, kde-runtime, texmaker, nautilus, kde-workspace, lvm2, tigervnc, devhelp, findutils, xdg-desktop-portal, systemd, gjs, upower, initscripts, gnome-calculator, evolution, which, postfix, iputils, pulseaudio, vinagre, grep, qemu, gedit, xorg-x11-server, tracker-miners, ModemManager, gnome-games, polkit-pkla-compat, NetworkManager, xscreensaver, gnome-photos, openssh, iptables, snapd, gnome-terminal, gnome-software, syncthing, openvswitch, gdm, chromium, git, unzip, spice-vdagent, gnome-shell, gnome-session, gnome-online-miners, pcp, webkitgtk4, epiphany, colord, gnome-initial-setup, imsettings, rpm, control-center, gnome-system-monitor, wget, udisks2, alsa-utils, coreutils, sed, gvfs, keepassxc, cinnamon-settings-daemon, php, flatpak, nodejs, plank, freecad, gnome-boxes, gnome-contacts, gnome-control-center, blender, gnome-online-accounts, gdb, accountsservice, evolution-data-server, setroubleshoot, gcc, glibc, cinnamon, clang, texstudio, gnome-keyring, samba, eog, libreoffice, polkit, korganizer, geoclue2, vte291, gnome-calendar, man-db, yelp, libreport, perl-Pod-Perldoc, speech-dispatcher, curl, kate, dleyna-renderer, tracker3-miners, make, xreader, ksysguard, procps-ng, binutils, ibus-libpinyin
NEW 1,216
542495 gvfs
NEW 515
99714 gvfs
NEW 194
292267 gvfs
NEW 180
605371 gvfs
NEW 133
7734 gvfs
NEW 106
513043 gvfs
NEW 102
542587 gvfs
NEW 99
545595 firefox, gnome-online-accounts, thunderbird, ibus, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-shell, zeitgeist, gnome-session, at-spi2-core, evolution-data-server, setroubleshoot, gnome-calendar, playerctl, evince, xdg-desktop-portal, gvfs, xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, tracker-miners, gnome-photos, gnome-terminal, gnome-contacts, gnome-software
NEW 90
593447 gvfs
NEW 82
544518 gvfs, xreader, wireplumber
NEW 70
546286 gvfs
NEW 63
496603 gvfs
NEW 42
497349 gvfs
NEW 35
178071 tracker, wmctrl, bash, firefox, moby-engine, PackageKit, kmail, ibus, ethtool, gnome-clocks, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-remote-desktop, kmod, xdg-user-dirs, tilix, gdk-pixbuf2, konsole5, konsole, bijiben, environment-modules, kde-runtime, texmaker, clementine, nautilus, pipewire, dhcp, kde-baseapps, gawk, kde-workspace, lvm2, tigervnc, findutils, nfs-utils, codeblocks, devhelp, xdg-desktop-portal, xfce4-session, systemd, xdg-desktop-portal-kde, wireplumber, xorg-x11-server-Xwayland, gjs, xdg-user-dirs-gtk, gnome-calculator, initscripts, upower, evolution, which, postfix, rclone, grantlee-editor, qgis, ffmpeg, gnupg2, pulseaudio, xkbcomp, filesystem, dialog, vinagre, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, grep, qemu, gedit, xorg-x11-server, tracker-miners, ModemManager, python3.10, gnome-games, polkit-pkla-compat, NetworkManager, xscreensaver, iscsi-initiator-utils, openssh, gnome-photos, snapd, dolphin, iptables, exo, gnome-terminal, gnome-software, syncthing, openvswitch, gdm, chromium, rstudio, git, unzip, spice-vdagent, gnome-shell, webkit2gtk3, gnome-session, nemo, gnome-online-miners, pcp, webkitgtk4, mpv, epiphany, gimp, plasma-workspace, gnome-initial-setup, kf5-baloo, imsettings, colord, rpm, control-center, cdrkit, yad, gnome-system-monitor, wget, udisks2, alsa-utils, coreutils, sed, gvfs, kwin, virt-viewer, cinnamon-settings-daemon, php, qemu-kvm, flatpak, deja-dup, nodejs, plank, freecad, gnome-boxes, gnome-contacts, gnome-control-center, fprintd, blender, emacs, baobab, gnome-online-accounts, gdb, webkitgtk, mariadb, xfce4-terminal, accountsservice, libvirt, ktorrent, falkon, evolution-data-server, gcc, glibc, texstudio, cinnamon, clang, setroubleshoot, gnome-keyring, pipewire-media-session, eog, samba, nextcloud-client, polkit, libreoffice, ksh, korganizer, geoclue2, python-argcomplete, vte291, xorg-x11-xauth, gnome-calendar, perl-Pod-Perldoc, libreport, yelp, speech-dispatcher, curl, gnome-disk-utility, xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, dleyna-renderer, kate, gnome-builder, podman, util-linux, tracker3-miners, make, xreader, geary, k3b, kf5-kinit, ksysguard, procps-ng, rust-alacritty, binutils, ibus-libpinyin
NEW 34
274399 gvfs
NEW 31
545633 gvfs
NEW 28
570419 gvfs
NEW 27
286274 gvfs
NEW 25
1936 gjs, gnome-control-center, openvswitch, evolution, postfix, seahorse, samba, pulseaudio, colordiff, nautilus, pciutils, gawk, lvm2, coreutils, gvfs, systemd, hostname, make, wireplumber, polkit-pkla-compat, flatpak, openssh, gnome-contacts, gnome-software
NEW 24
282768 gvfs
NEW 20
570639 gvfs
NEW 19
42341 gvfs
NEW 17
551802 gvfs
NEW 16
174027 gvfs
NEW 15
35769 gjs, gnome-control-center, pam, emacs, gdm, bash, upower, elfutils, PackageKit, gnome-online-accounts, java-1.8.0-openjdk, gnome-clocks, postfix, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-shell, kf5-kio, konsole5, gcc, flameshot, evolution-data-server, plasma-workspace, gnome-system-monitor, pipewire, wget, evince, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, coreutils, sed, foliate, gvfs, grep, mutter, krita, tracker-miners, hostname, polkit-pkla-compat, mailx, NetworkManager, openssh, procps-ng, gnome-contacts, gnome-software
NEW 15
549505 gvfs
NEW 14
274078 gvfs
NEW 14
605340 gvfs, gjs
NEW 12
502013 gvfs
NEW 12
179824 gvfs
NEW 10
90019 gvfs
NEW 10
293490 gnome-control-center, okular, kdevelop, gwenview, totem, gnome-online-accounts, pkgconfig, ibus, spice-vdagent, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-shell, gnome-session, evolution-data-server, flameshot, epiphany, cups, seahorse, eog, gnome-screenshot, nextcloud-client, marker, step, pipewire, gnome-terminal, open-vm-tools, gnome-calendar, gawk, coreutils, xdg-desktop-portal, gvfs, gnome-disk-utility, gedit, tracker-miners, systemd, rygel, wireplumber, sssd, zenity, ark, flatpak, k3b, gnome-photos, openssh, procps-ng, gnome-boxes, gnome-contacts, gnome-software
162723 gnome-control-center, elementary-planner, gnome-network-displays, gnome-calculator, stacer, gamescope, xfce4-panel, PackageKit, yarock, evolution, deepin-file-manager, gtorrentviewer, pgadmin3, gnome-shell, gftp, guayadeque, wget2, gnome-settings-daemon, lollypop, goverlay, evolution-data-server, antimicrox, heaptrack, plasma-workspace, gnome-initial-setup, gmic, mu, neovim, cawbird, nautilus, krdc, recoll, paperwork, clementine, lmms, guitarix, uget, remmina, timeshift, komikku, conky-manager, xdg-desktop-portal, openmsx, qownnotes, gvfs, simple-scan, lutris, Thunar, gnome-passwordsafe, gnome-disk-utility, rygel, strawberry, flatpak, pulseeffects, qsstv, nodejs, gnome-boxes, gnome-software
501446 gvfs
481289 evolution, gvfs, evolution-data-server
499477 gvfs
174028 gvfs